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DIY Rainbow Highlighter Inspired by Bitter Lace Beauty’s Prism Highlighter

Make your own DIY Rainbow Highlighter inspired by Bitter Lace Beauty’s trending Prism highlighter!

I was so bummed to see their Prism highlighter sold out so I took to crafting my own DIY version of this gorgeously vibrant rainbow highlighter. My rainbow prism highlighter palette is not as shimmery as the original highlighter palette, but for a DIY makeup dupe, I think it came out pretty great!

Click here or watch below:

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And I know, the rainbow makes it not very practical for everyday where, but it’s perfect for the days you feel colorful! You can even use this rainbow prism highlighter palette as an eyeshadow palette. This palette making technique is also how you reuse old eyeshadow, make new eyeshadow colors, make your own eyeshadow palette, or fix a cracked eyeshadow palette. And yes, you can use eyeshadow as highlighter!

Here’s Bitter Lace Beauty’s shop in case they restock:

And unfortunately because this DIY rainbow prism highlighter palette dupe was such a mess to make and used my old eyeshadows, it won’t be available in the April giveaway, but you can still enter to win one of my other DIY projects from this month by following the instructions below!

*** April Giveaway Details ***

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You’ll have a chance to win on every single video this month so be sure to watch, like, comment, and share each video for more chances to win!


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