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DIY Magic the Gathering Cake Pops!

Learn how to make Magic the Gathering Cake Pops perfect for any Magic draft or MTG themed party!

This was my very first time making cake pops so mistakes were made, but now you can learn from my mistakes!

These chocolate cake caramel cake pops are perfect gift or for any Magic the Gathering party, event, or draft. The symbols can also individually be made unrelated to Magic the Gathering. Even though they’re supposed to be the MTG symbols for Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forrest, you can also just make them as regular suns, rain drops, skulls, fire, and tree cake pops.

And if you’re new to Magic the Gathering, here’s a break down:

Plains: Sun Cake Pops

Island: Rain Drop Cake Pops

Swamp: Skull Cake Pops

Mountain: Fire Cake Pops

Forrest: Tree Cake Pops

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